October 21, 2013

What Left of Summer

Hello to my fashionista friends! I am not going to rambling on why I never update anymore. Instead of making empty promises, I would rather try to update to the best of my ability and on my own term ^-^. As we all probably have noticed that Fall has arrived yet again,I am so not ready to say bye to Summer. The weather has been a little warm over the weekend to honor the last bit of summmer with this outfit, to be quite Honest, it was a little cold :-P. It is a bittersweet goodbye that I have to deal with everytime summmer come to an end. On a brighter notes, I am so looking forward to layer up even more in Fall and Winter minus the weather :).In this outfit, I'm embracing the very so popular returned trend from the 90's by drape this beautiful chambray shirt around my waist. I was born in the late 90's so this trend is so much fun for me. This outfit is definitely on a sportier side but I made it more lady like by adding a point pump. I will go for now and I hope you all had a great weekend and let's embrace Monday ^-^. See you soon! robe229 robe230 robe231 robe232 Top: H&M| Skort: Zara| Denim shirt: TjMaxx | Bag: Kate Spade |Shoes: Aldo |Sunglasses: Prada. | Watch: Michael Kors.

July 9, 2013


Hello everyone!!! How are you today? I'm dreading to get through this week. Aren't any of you have a hardest time get to work after a very long weekend? If yes, we are on the same boat. This outfit was something I wore to a close friend's engagement party. I love adding leather pieces to edge up otherwise a girly outfit. I think I've become so obsessed with leather detail everything :-). I hope your week is going great so far. Please ignore many ugly scars on my leg! It was an aftermath souvenir from my trip to VietNam ^-^. Please share your way of incorporate leather to your outfit ( in my case Vegan leather)! I am no Vegan but I bought thinking of a Vegan friend...you better appreciated You <3. Have a wonderful day my lovely friends!. robe226 robe227 robe228 Jacket: Jcrew | Top: Tinley Road via Piperlime | Skirt: Korea | Shoes: Shoemint | Bag : Kate Spade | Necklace: Unknown from Barneys.

June 24, 2013

Archives And a New Beginning.

Wow Hello everyone! It has been like century since I last blogged. I really have no excuses of why but of all honesty, where have the time went by? This past year and even 2013 has went by like lightning. I must catch on right? How is everyone doing? I hope everything was smooth sailing for all of you. This is a start up entry since I've been gone for too long. I have these archives in my computer that I would like to post up first and the most current outfit will be update sometime this week! As for a little update, I've been super busy catch up on life and figure out what is going to happen next. I've also been on two vacations since the beginning of this year so hence the amount of catch I got to do once i got back :-). These outfits was taking during pre vacation, during vacation and post vacation periods with a plan to be posted but got held behind so here is all of them. Have a great Monday everyone! See you sometime soon this week! robe220 robe221 robe222 robe223 robe224 robe225

January 25, 2013

Winter Grape

Hello friends! I know I know, I have been gone way too long in blog world. I guessed I just slack off and never find my way back :-P. It was the holiday and new year and I just needed some time to myself and gather thoughts ^-^. Here I am back with another quick outfit post. It's actually super cold (Yes we are in the negative F degrees :-/) as of late, therefore these upcoming outfit post won't be as recent since I can't even stand outside for 1 minute just to snap some blog post material. I will update you guy with some outfits just before the new year and some other from my recent trip. So recently, our state has been hit with a bad icy rain and that make everything on the floor become an ice skating rink so I will attempt to take a picture in this outdoor ice skating rink and hopefully you guy can see a picture of me land on my bottom :-P. I will have to try that! I hoped you all are doing well and stay warm and safe. Happy new year to you all! I can't wait to post more material for you all. Thank you for being patience with me and thank you again for reading. See you again soon! robe214 robe213 robe212 robe211
Top:Urban Outfitters | Dress: Local Boutique | Belt: HM | Hat: AE | Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita (Similar Here) | Bag: Botkier Valentina Shoulder Bag.

December 29, 2012

Holiday Warmth


Hello there! How was your christmas? I was meaning to post this outfit up but I got distracted since I'm currently on vacation. As you are reading this, I'm sitting here watching my cousins gamble the night away. It's a good family time kind of night :-). This outfit was what i wear to a friend's christmas dinner and Yes I'd freeze to death while this picture was taking since I forgot my jacket ^-^. I hope you all had a great holiday and ready to ring in a brand new year with many new promises and opportunities. I will see you next time! Thank you so so much for Reading! Have a good night!
 Top:Jason Wu for Target| Fur vest: Yesstyle | Skirt: Anthropologie | Bag : Botkier |Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita
  robe208robe209 robe210

December 17, 2012

Searching for Motivation

Hello there, it has been a while isn't it? I know I have no excuse but just have no motivation to do anything creative, plus I have a stubborn chalazion on my bottom lash line therefore, no picture or makeup :/. I guess it called the writer block but I ain't no Writer ^-^. How was your holiday season so far? I hoped you all stay warm, happy and safe since there are so many sad and tragic news going on around the world. I've been super busy with works, the holiday season and being lazy ( which I'm good at :-). Just a super quick outfit and I want to say Hi to you guy. I will try to have more post up this coming week and also schedule posts for my upcoming vacation. I can't wait to have more outfits post from different locations, I think that would be interesting for your guy! Thank you so so much for watching. See you soon. Happy Monday ^0^ robe204
 Top: Hollisterco | Shirt: Anthropologie | Skirt: Jcrew |Belt: Delia |Shoes: via Piperlime. |Bag: Asos. robe205

December 1, 2012

Spot My Dots?

Hello there everyone! How is your day so far? as I'm typing this, it's almost mid-night.I am such a night owl. Hi-5 if you are one too ^-^. Did you guy Spot my dots? It's so obvious right? I am a true believer that Polka dots of any types will be a stable in everyone's closet. The prints is super classic, fun and can be mix to so many different ways such as a main piece, a layer piece or added accessory to any outfit. Are you a big fan of Polka dot? Please comment below and let me know :-). Happy December as we speak and wow this year has passed by in super speed. I hope you guy enjoy and see you in my next post :-). Thank you so so much for Reading!
Top: Jcrew| Shirt: Yesstyle | Skirt: Aqua (Drool worthy one I love)| Necklace: Express | Shoes: Sam Edelman |
robe198 robe200 robe201 robe202