March 30, 2012


Hello friends! Happy Friday we are almost there. Weekend is so close yet so far :-). I didn't have such a good week but everyday is a new day! Sometime you have devoted so much time on something and all you got was unappreciative result, that never feels good. On a brighter side, I've learn that once something like that happened, you just have to strive harder and move on. I am truly blessed just for being surrounded by people I love, doing things that make me happy and opportunities to find my dream and passion! I really appreciate all of you guy for giving me this opportunity. Thank you.

So left that key note behind, I'm back ^-^. This outfit here I've put together make me happy, may be because of the different tone and texture and also the sunny yellow color. I am in love with this sweater, it's so cute and different from an everyday stripe top but still form fitting and easy to style.
Did you see flower blooming around you? I did and it's so pretty. It's about time I put back that camera strap and be creative. I have a great interest in photography if you guy don't know. I love taking pictures of just about anything or anyone. When I see people smile and happy in my photo, my purpose is completed.

I hoped you guy had a great week and an amazing weekend ahead! Thank you so much for reading :-)

What I wore:
Vest: Calson (Nordstrom)
Sweater: Nordstrom
Skirt: Gianni Bini
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Bracelet: Asos, DIY, Vintage


March 27, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #14

Hello everyone, this is my attempt at this challenge. The guideline for this challenge is to transform a travel outfit into a dinner date in a circumstance where your luggage arrived late. We can't go out and buy a new outfit, we have to use what we have in our hand or purse. First, I have to attempt to take my own picture with my weird lens, so auto focus are so off. I did tried my best to fix it so I hope this is OK. For other blog posts, quality will resume the same, only if I attempt to take my own picture, then it's a fail :-).

This is my go-to Travel outfit. For this outfit, I took off the jegging from the travel outfit and used my scarf to make into a skirt, I twisted the front to have more of a texture look. I secured the skirt with a safety pin that I always have in my purse and added a necklace that also found in my purse. For the black clutch, I always carry in my purse because I tend to go different places and never know when I will need a little clutch, so it always come in handy. This is definitely not my go to dinner look but this is in case of emergency. What did you guy think? This is definitely a harder challenge and as you can see, I only change around a few pieces. Fashion is so versatile! I hoped you guy will enjoy this :-)

Left: Travel outfit Right: Dinner outfit

What I wore:
Cardigan: Free People
Top: Zara
Tank: Pacsun
Jegging: Urban Outfitter
Scarf: Banana Republic
Clutch: GAP

March 25, 2012

HIs and Her: Dinner by Invite only

Hello everyone, I has been a while! I have been so MIA since the weather has been dreading and also my schedule has been crazy. I hoped everyone had a great week. It's Sunday again! I am not a big fan of Sunday to be honest. I felt like Sunday pass by so fast and there is Monday already! I'm going to have a post today, tomorrow and Tuesday so keep your eyes out for it ;-). We went on this Dinner by Invite only, it's a cool gathering in my state when you only can get invite if you are on the list and if you reply to the emails late, you won't qualify. This type of event is so fun, great food and meet many amazing peoples. Do you have anything like that where you live? Please Share!
Also, I'm going to participate on the Petite Fashion Challenge #14. Check it out here!
Please Join me if you like! you don't have to have a blog to do so! You can read all the rule on that blog post :-)

What I wore:
Dress: Arden-B(old)
Shoe: Talbot
Belt: Jcrew
Jewelry: Nordstrom



What He wore: (Will be update soon :-)
Jacket: Hugo Boss

March 10, 2012

Spring Forward

Happy Weekend to all of you :-). Remember to forward your clock 1 hour tonight for Spring daylight saving! I can see the sky more brighter in the morning and evening. The sun start to show himself early and go to sleep a little late, thank you Mr Sun. I am just so thankful for sun shine and how amazing that a little sun can brighten up your day! I hope it is the same for many of you. I love the pastel/neon trend for spring since they are my most favorite shade of any colors. This sweater is giving you the best of both world I think. It has the neon side yet the green color that is very subtle to be pastel with interwoven of heather gray. Sometime, simple is best and effortless. What spring/summer trend are you obsessed over? Do tell! I have a tons and can't wait to wear them all. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. As for me, i have a whole week off from school starting Monday for spring break. I am super excited to be able to catch up with many homework, outfit's pictures, and to do list. Thank you so so much for reading ^-^. See you later!

What I wore here:
Top: Express(sweater). Nordstrom(blouse)
Jean: Citizen by Humanity Avedon Sleek
Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden
Bag: Jcrew
Jewelry: H&M, Jcrew, AE, Nordstrom


March 5, 2012

It's coming, I can feel it :-)


Happy Monday again my friends! I hoped everyone had a wonderful weekend but if it's not, here is to a new better week :-). This week is going to be murder crazy :-P. Finger Crossed I will able to finish everything on time. Spring is just around the corner yet I can't wait, it's still snowing here where I'm at but I see Sun so that's a good start. This outfit is a super fun and colorful one as you can tell, I love fur vest so so much that I can't think of any other outfit without one at a moment. This yellow dress is so simplicity but the studded detail made it so fun and edgy. I hoped you guy enjoy. Thank you so so much for reading and follow my blog. <3 you all!


What I wore here:
Top: Fur Vest (LOFT) Plaid Shirt (H&M
Dress: Lucca Couture (Urban Outfitter)
Sunglasses: Valentino
Shoes: Nine West
Tight: Hue
Belt: Urban Outfitter