A wife. A mom. A creative director with 15 years behind me on big budget brands and celebrity campaigns. An event planner with a creative mind and an eye for tasteful design. After years of throwing all kinds of celebrations, I know how to keep people entertained and happy, as well as keeping things in order. My passion, the home party. Oh... my name, Nicole Giraldi. Hello, it's nice to meet you.


You spend so much thought and time to make your home look and feel just right. Could there be a more perfect place to celebrate the important moments in your life? Let's make a return to home parties.

Only a party at home lets you have all those special touches that make a difference. It's the difference between a party that gives you 10 minutes to eat one slice of cake, and those that give you the time to try all 10 flavors of cupcakes on the table, (no judgement, of course).

Birthday. Wedding shower. New baby. Winning game. Graduation. Whatever the celebration, your home and I will help make it an event to remember.


The excitement begins with our first meeting. Tell me your wishes and I will design an event like no other. I do not believe in packages since every party, every person and every home, is unique. The cost depends on how much creating you would like. I can create everything you need from themes, beautiful handmade invites, decorations, games, activities, food, dessert, favors...as much as my mind can imagine (which is a lot) and as much or as little as you need.

Let's bring back the decadence of home parties. I will take care of all the details. You can take all the credit for an amazing event that friends and family will talk about for years. Let the party begin.