The first thing your guests receive is the invitation. It gives a peek into what to expect. The Petite Bow designs beautiful, original, hand-made invites.


Banners, signs, food labels, memory boxes, and so much more. The Petite Bow will think of all the little touches that make a big impact.


Bare walls, never. The Petite Bow will dress any space into an exciting, sweet, simple, or sophisticated space. With so many different decorating options and stand out ideas, your guests will feel transformed into a new world.


Forget the bowls of chips (although those are always good to have around). A menu will be created that all will be drawn to. Appetizers, lunch/dinner, dessert. The Petite Bow can do it all. You're even covered if there are allergies and diet restrictions. Gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, whatever you need. No one should be left out from eating delicious food. 


First birthday party, bridal shower, or 50th anniversary, having fun is what a party's about. Games, crafts, music, entertainment, it’s what keeps the party flowing.


At the end of an exciting event, surprise your guests with a thank you favor like no other. Children and adults alike will leave with an even bigger smile on their face. It's the icing on the cake.


Sometimes you want a special something that visually reminds you of your special event. The Petite Bow can create a custom piece of art that you can admire forever. If something is desired, a piece you will cherish can be created.